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#ifndef _HLBR_H_
#define _HLBR_H_

#include "../config.h"
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <pthread.h>


#include "num_list.h"
#include "session.h"

#define MAJOR_VERSION   1
#define MINOR_VERSION   1

#define MAX_PACKET_SIZE             65536+14+1
#define TYPICAL_PACKET_SIZE         16000
#define MAX_NAME_LEN                20
#define MAX_RULES                   10240
#define MAX_INTERFACES              8
#define MAX_DECODERS                128
#define MAX_TESTS                   1024
#ifdef _OBSD_
#define IDLE_TIMEOUT                100000
#define IDLE_TIMEOUT                200         /*usec's*/
#define MAX_DECODER_DEPTH           16
#define MAX_MESSAGE_LEN             256
#define MAX_ACTIONS                       16
#define MAX_ACTION_ITEMS            64
#define MAX_ROUTES                        16
#define MAX_MANGLERS                8
#define MAX_MODULES                       16
#define MAX_LISTS                   16
#define MAX_TIMERS                        16
#define MAX_PACKETS                       512

#define DEFAULT_SENSOR_NAME   "Default Sensor"
#define DEFAULT_SENSOR_ID     0

#define MAX_INTERFACE_NAME_LEN      256

#define LIST_TYPE_IP          1
#define LIST_TYPE_NUM         2
#define LIST_TYPE_PORT        3
#define LIST_TYPE_IPPORT      4

#define USER_RULE_START       50000

/*Holds the data from all the decoders already applied*/
typedef struct decoder_data{
      int                                 DecoderID;
      void*                         Data;
} DecoderData;

typedef struct packet_rec{
      int                           PacketSlot; /*position in the packet array*/
      unsigned int            PacketNum;  /*used to track the packet through the system*/
      int                           InterfaceNum;
      int                           TargetInterface;
      unsigned char*          RawPacket;
      char                    Pad[2];  /*to make word aligment work out on Solaris*/
      unsigned char           TypicalPacket[TYPICAL_PACKET_SIZE];
      char                    LargePacket;
      int                           PacketLen;
      unsigned char           RuleBits[MAX_RULES/8];
      struct timeval          tv;
      DecoderData             DecoderInfo[MAX_DECODER_DEPTH];
      int                           NumDecoderData;
      int                           BeginData;  /*first byte not decoded yet*/
      char                    PassRawPacket; /*true if we pass this one as is*/     
      int                           SaveCount;
      char                    Status;     /*where the packet is in the processing loop*/
      pthread_mutex_t         Mutex;
      int                           LockID;     
      struct port_pair* Stream;
} PacketRec;

typedef struct interface_rec{
      char        Name[MAX_INTERFACE_NAME_LEN];
      int               ID;
      int               Type; /*defined in packet.h*/
      int               Proto;
      int               MTU;
      int               FD;
      char        IsPollable;
      char        Role;
      pthread_t   Thread;
      int               ThreadID;
      void*       User;
} InterfaceRec;

typedef struct test_node{
      int               RuleID;
      void*             Data;
      struct test_node* Next;
} TestNode;

typedef struct test_rec{
      char                    Name[MAX_NAME_LEN];
      char                    ShortName[MAX_NAME_LEN];
      int                           ID;
      int                           DecoderID;
      char                    Active; /*true if anything actually uses it*/
      TestNode*               TestNodes;
      struct test_rec*  Next;   /*next test for the decoder*/
      unsigned char           DependencyMask[MAX_RULES/8];
      int (*AddNode)(int TestID, int RuleID, char* Args);
      int (*FinishedSetup)();
      int (*TestFunc)(int PacketSlot, TestNode* Nodes);
} TestRec;

typedef struct module_rec{
      char                    Name[MAX_NAME_LEN];
      int                           ID;
      int                           DecoderID;
      char                    Active;     /*true if anything actually uses it*/
      struct module_rec* Next;      
      int (*ParseArg) (char* Arg);
      void (*ModuleFunc) (int PacketSlot);
} ModuleRec;

typedef struct decoder_rec{
      char                    Name[MAX_NAME_LEN];
      int                           ID;
      unsigned char           DependencyMask[MAX_RULES/8];        
      struct test_rec*  Tests;
      struct module_rec*      Modules;
      struct decoder_rec*     Children;
      struct decoder_rec*     Parent;     
      struct decoder_rec*     NextChild;
      void* (*DecodeFunc) (int PacketSlot);
      char                    Active;     /*true if anything actually uses it*/
} DecoderRec;

typedef struct action_item{
      char                    Name[MAX_NAME_LEN];
      int                           ID;
      int   (*ActionFunc)(int RuleNum, int PacketSlot, void* Data);
      int         (*MessageFunc)(char* Message, void* Data);
      void*       (*ParseArgs)(char* Args);
} ActionItem;

typedef struct action_rec{
      char                    Name[MAX_NAME_LEN];
      int                           ID;
      int                           ActionItems[MAX_ITEMS_PER_ACTION];
      void*                   ActionItemData[MAX_ITEMS_PER_ACTION];
      int                           NumItems;
} ActionRec;

typedef struct message_item{
      int                                 Type;
      int                                 Value;
      struct message_item*    Next;
} MessageItem;

typedef struct rule_rec{
      int                           ID;
      MessageItem*            MessageFormat;
      int                           GlobalID;
      int                           Revision;
      int                           ModifyDate;
      int                           Action;
} RuleRec;

typedef struct route_rec{
      int                           ID;
      char                    Name[MAX_NAME_LEN];     
      char                    Active;
      int (*RouteFunc)(int PacketSlot);
      int (*AddNode)(int RouteID, char* Args);
} RouteRec;

typedef struct mangle_rec{
      int                           ID;
      char                    Name[MAX_NAME_LEN];
      char                    Active;
      int (*MangleFunc)(int PacketSlot, int SourceInterface, int DestInterface);
      int (*AddNode)(int MangleID, char* Args);
} MangleRec;

typedef struct global_list{
      NumList*    List;
      char        Name[MAX_NAME_LEN];
      int               Type;
} GlobalList;

typedef struct func_list{
      int                           (*Func) (void* Data);
      void*                   Data;
      struct func_list* Next;
} FuncList;

typedef struct timer_rec{
      char              InUse;
      char              Name[MAX_NAME_LEN];
      unsigned int      Interval;
      int                     LastTime;
      void*             User;
      /*return TRUE to repeat the timer*/
      int (*TimerFunc) (int TimerID, int Time, void* User);
} TimerRec;

typedef struct global_vars{
      char*             SensorName;
      int                     SensorID;

      char              Done;
      char              UseThreads; 
      char              ParseOnly;
      char*             ConfigFilename;
      char*             RulesFilename;    
      char*             LogDir;
      int                     PacketLimit;
      MessageItem*      AlertHeader;
      unsigned int      AlertCount;
      PacketRec         Packets[MAX_PACKETS];
      int                     IdleCount;
      int                     PendingCount;
      int                     SavedCount;
      int                     AllocatedCount;
      int                     ProcessingCount;
      RuleRec                 Rules[MAX_RULES];
      int                     NumRules;
      InterfaceRec      Interfaces[MAX_INTERFACES];
      int                     NumInterfaces;
      DecoderRec        Decoders[MAX_DECODERS];
      int                     NumDecoders;
      int                     DecoderRoot;
      ModuleRec         Modules[MAX_MODULES];
      int                     NumModules;
      TestRec                 Tests[MAX_TESTS];
      int                     NumTests;   
      ActionItem        ActionItems[MAX_ACTION_ITEMS];
      int                     NumActionItems;
      ActionRec         Actions[MAX_ACTIONS];
      int                     NumActions;
      RouteRec          Routes[MAX_ACTIONS];
      int                     NumRoutes;

      MangleRec         Mangles[MAX_ACTIONS];
      int                     NumMangles;
      GlobalList        Lists[MAX_LISTS];
      int                     NumLists;

      TimerRec          Timers[MAX_TIMERS];

      FuncList*         ShutdownFuncs;    
      /*statistical counts*/
      int                     PacketsPerSec;
      int                     TCPPerSec;
      int                     UDPPerSec;
} GlobalVars;

#define GET_SESSION_1         1001
#define GET_SESSION_2         1002 
#define GET_SESSION_3         1003
#define ADD_PACKET_1          2001
#define POP_PACKET_1          3001
#define GET_PACKET_1          4001
#define RETURN_PACKET_1       5001
#define FREE_SAVED_1          6001
#define TIMEOUT_SAVED_1       7001
#define TIMEOUT_SAVED_2       7002
#define SAVE_PACKET_1         8001
#define SAVE_PACKET_2         8002
#define GET_SAVED_1                 9001
#define GET_SAVED_2                 9002
#define GET_SAVED_3                 9003
#define UNLOCK_SAVED_1        10001
#define FRAG_LOCK_1                 11001

int hlbr_mutex_lock(pthread_mutex_t*      mutex, int ID, int* LockID);
int hlbr_mutex_trylock(pthread_mutex_t* mutex, int ID, int* LockID);
int hlbr_mutex_unlock(pthread_mutex_t* mutex);

/*put this somewhere else later*/
#define LIST_NONE -1
int GetListByName(char* Name);
int AddShutdownHandler(int (*func)(void* data), void* data);

#define TIMER_NONE      -1
int CreateTimer(char* Name, unsigned int Interval, int (*TimerFunc)(int TimerID, int Time, void* user), void* User);


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