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#include "../config.h"

* Normal lists just hold lists of numbers
* time lists entries timeout at time XXXX
* age lists timeout when entries aren't used after XXXX sec
* paired lists are unique pairs of values

#define LIST_TYPE_NORMAL      1
#define LIST_TYPE_TIME        2
#define LIST_TYPE_AGE         3
#define LIST_TYPE_PAIRED      4

#define LIST_INITIAL_SIZE     10
#define LIST_GROW_SIZE        50

struct num_list;
struct paired_list;

typedef struct num_alias_item{
      char              Alias[512];
      unsigned int      Num;
} NumAlias;

typedef struct num_list_item{
      struct num_list*        SubList;
      unsigned int                  Lower;
      unsigned int                  Upper;
      int                                 Time;
} NumItem;

typedef struct num_list{
      char        ListType;
      int               Timeout;
      NumItem**   Items;
      int               NumEntries;
      int               AllocCount;
} NumList;

NumList* InitNumList(int ListType);
void DestroyNumList(NumList* n);
int ClearNumList(NumList* n);
int AddRange(NumList* n, unsigned int Lower, unsigned int Upper);
int AddRangeTime(NumList* n, unsigned int Lower, unsigned int Upper, int Time);
int AddSubList(NumList* n, NumList* SubList);
int IsInList(NumList* n, unsigned int Number);
int IsInListTime(NumList* n, unsigned int Number, int Now);
int AddRangesString(NumList* n, char* Ranges, NumAlias* Aliases, int NumAliases);
int AddIPRanges(NumList* n, char* Ranges);
int RemoveFromList(NumList* n, unsigned int Number);
int NumListCompare(NumList* n1, NumList* n2);


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